According to the ABC News Website which produced an article about the 2012 election and the effects social media had on it; this was the most internet popular election there has ever been before. I think we need to step back and appreciate the fact that the internet has created such an effect on the way that this country is electing its officials and advertising their motives to everyone. The fact that over 20 million tweets were posted about the elections is mind boggling. I’m pretty surprised that twitter didn’t crash with the overload of opinions, thoughts, and ideas all coming in at around 65,000 tweets per minute. PER MINUTE. Yeah. Thats crazy. I’m sad to say that i didn’t get to really watch the live happenings of election night but I can just imagine the chaos that 65,000 tweets was doing to the internet. I believe that a large reason for Obama re-winning office this year was because of his huge involvement on popular websites like facebook, twitter, and reddit. I must say that his participation on some of these sites probably swung a lot of people over to his side because this stuff, this technology is what we know and how we communicate and express ourselves probably 75% of the time. The fact that President Obama come into our realm definitely secured a lot of votes for him, i would think. Social media definitely blows up the internet world and contributes to a lot of the way our data and information is tossed around. If there is something to know or something to see all it takes is a simple click or a share or a retweet for anyone to be caught up and see what is going on. Social media now has such an impact that it can either make or break the way people are perceived not just by people on the internet but by people who dont use it too. I think social media really contributed to how this election ran and who voted for who simply because of how a facebook page was managed or the kind of tweets that were created.