The mature DH project that I evaluated was Looking for Whitman: The Poetry of Place in the Life and Work of Walt Whitman. You can view my presentations here:

What I liked about my presentation is that I included background information about Walt Whitman specifically for the class. I mentioned during my presentation that it was not included on the website, it was just meant to help them understand why four universities/colleges would want to make a website revolving around him. I think I did a really good job with the weaknesses and strengths. I know people generally start with the strengths but I found more weaknesses than strengths but I still wanted to end on a positive note rather then seem like I was bashing the project. I wish I would have included screenshots of the actual website but at the time I thought they were all bland. I am glad I picked this project I feel like I really connected with it. The students put a lot of effort into their work and though many of the links were dead, many of the tabs were repetitive, the posts on the main page were dated, and the project was dropped when they graduated they still worked hard on it while they could.

I really liked the Slave Voyage Project. I feel like this is really DH because it is history, of our country, but turned digital. That is the very essence of DH. On the main page you can pinpoint countries and it tells you their history revolving around slavery. Its incredibly interactive and informational.