I really enjoyed the website that I chose! What I liked about my presentation was that I talked about how the site is free although the creators could charge for all the information that is on the site. Many history sites today as well as newspapers charge their readers to see their information, for example the New York Times only lets you go so many years back before it charges you. The other thing that I think I did a good job with was explaining that the site is good information for all ages. Simple enough for high scholars, yet informational enough for graduate students. The only thing I didn’t like was how fast I talked, but I had so much to tell that I felt was important enough.
The thing that I enjoyed about other student’s presentations was that they talked about the big data, which I totally forgot about. Also I liked how some projects mentioned Unsworth, which I also forgot about. I would have to say that my favorite website would have to be For Better For Verse. I thought the website seemed fun as well as informational. The site does seem quite difficult, however it can help for someone who is into poems! I totally see the digital humanities within this site and I think that it is awesome that something like this, can be put on the internet to help people who need it.