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What I learned in boating school is…. What I learned in boating school isss… just kidding. Actually, this week while listening to all of the presentations and checking out all of the databases I learned a lot. I learned that a lot of the databases out there really aren’t put together that well. I learned that it takes a lot more than just really good information in order to put together a good Digital Humanities project. It also takes a lot of research in order to determine what makes a good website and then how to make it afterwards. I also learned what makes a project appealing or unappealing and what specific aspects must be incorporated into projects before they can be considered good. I think that learning all of these lessons is important especially considering the field of study we are going in to. Based on what we have been learning so far I think its obvious that we will be working with and around websites and I think that we need to know this type of information in order to succeed at our future jobs and continue to make other good websites that people can learn from and produce other good websites from. What an endless cycle.