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I think analyzing and presenting a DH project was awesome. It really helped solidify and bring together our conceptions of what DH really is. There were a lot of projects and I can see how they are all aspects of DH and how many of them work in conjunction with one another. For the Global Shakespeares project I highlighted the fact that they present almost all of their content in a video medium. it’s awesome to not have to actually imagine how the actors of the Shakespearean plays would use their body language and props on the stage. It would be impossible to compare American or English theater to other world regions or languages without a tool such as this archive. I don’t even have to speak other languages to utilize those videos. I also mentioned that I think the archive would be stronger if they had big data representations.

The other DH projects that I really liked were “For better or for verse” as well as the “speech accent archive.” I feel like it would actually be beneficial for the archive that I studied, the Global Shakespeares Archive, could benefit from these other two projects. Links could be include from one archive to another, making each individual archive stronger. They relate to each other because Shakespeare is poetry, of course, and the speech archive would help any Shakespearean actor!