After sitting through all of the presentations and taking notes I had an epiphany. I still do not know how to put it in words, but I am almost certain I know what digital humanities in now. Seeing all of the information and how people put it online gave me an idea on what I am getting myself into with this Digital Humanities stuff. I also learned a lot of information on history and art. It was pretty cool exploring the sites and learning new things in interactive ways. My favorite project was the Speech Accent Archive. It was fun to be able to hear people speaking from all over the world, but also interesting to hear how different people that live in the same country as me can sound. I felt as though I did a good job discovering what can be done on the valley of the shadow website, there was a lot of hidden things I didn’t even find until I was almost done making the PowerPoint. I also felt as though I explained what the site is, pretty decently. I could have improved on quite a bit though, the main thing was getting more images of the site, so people could see exactly what I was talking about instead of me trying to explain it.