I really enjoyed exploring my chosen data source ‘Envisaging the West’. I was intrigued by the historical focus of the data initially, but I also gained a greater appreciation for the time and energy that went into collecting and saving so much data. I had no idea such a large amount of information could actually be contained on a website so effectively. With so many high quality interactive maps and letters, one would expect the site to be slower and less easy to understand, but it was organized very well. I think one of the most effective parts of this data site was the ‘browse by name’ tab. This would be very useful if you have only the name of the person you want to research and need documents of primary source. It was great to see the other project presentations, and I really enjoyed the different ways in which people handled their presentations – audio narration, script, powerpoint, and prezi.  The range of ways to present will be a reminder to me for future presentations in other classes as well.