My last post was about the tumblr page UFYH, Unfuck Your Habitat. I have spent most of this semester in a real funk, and my living space reflects that. AKA It was a total mess. From Friday mid-afternoon for the next 48 hours until today mid-afternoon  with MASSIVE help from my mother, we cleaned my entire apartment top to bottom, bought and built Ikea furniture (hooray! new sewing table!) and generally got my place into the state it should have been in y’know, 3.5 months ago when I moved in.

Thus, I’m writing my own reflection on my last post.

The premise is make it livable, and lived in, without being chaotic and cluttered. Yes, I have two couches in my livingroom, we vacuumed twice (I have really fluffy cats) and I still have 5 boxes of yarn and other crafting stuff attached to my wall. It’s me. It’s my house. and It’s not embarrassing anymore.

I just wish I had taken the embarrassing before pictures so I could post that-much-more-awesome after’s to the feed.

Tumblr made me clean my house this weekend.  shoving the link at you again, because I love  this page that much. Unfuck Your Habitat.