Reflection of a reflection of a post—it’s like a double-rainbow of my life as a blogger.

Many of my posts this semester have been rather lackluster. As I noted in my post “Unfucking My Habitat” I’ve been in a really bad funk this semester, and it hasn’t been easy doing the simplest of tasks—from housekeeping to homework—everything was tough for me, and I pretty well just did the bare minimum to get by. This definitely shows in not only my most recent posts, but all of them. Things that have most definitely changed for me as a writer, is that I feel like I’ve found a blogging “style” if you will. I feel like when I blog, I am writing to someone—even if I only have one or two followers, its one or two people for me to write directly to, and that in itself gives me motivation and some semblance of direction. I find that I also rely (probably a bit too heavily) on images/external information to “speak” for me—I’ll post a blurb or a snippet of information, and let people see for themselves what this thing I’m speaking of is. I shouldn’t rely so much on the information, but rather give my own opinions and interpretations of things. Two posts that I could and should have said a lot more on topic we’re “Historically Hardcore” and “Banned Books”.  “Historically Hardcore” showcases a student project in which a young woman made fake Smithsonian posters, comparing current day “bad asses” to historically “bad ass” figures. While they’re very cool and I love the project, There are a few nitpicky facts that the creator didn’t get quite right (and could have easily checked). Also, these posters went near-viral when the Smithsonian requested that she remove their name from the project, because people were mistaking them for real Smithsonian advertising posters. “Banned Books” should simply have been so much more. I am historically a lover of banned and censored books, as I feel that many writers are. Why didn’t I mention The Perks of Being a Wallflower, which has recently been adapted to film, and stars Emma Watson, the actress who played Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter series—in fact, why didn’t I talk about Harry Potter, my first experience with a banned book, and I didn’t even know if was banned at the time!


Going through my posts, I ask myself “Why didn’t I…” and I have no real, logical, or coherent answer. For the most part,  at the time it just didn’t occur to me. Clearly, I need to rely more on the drafting process, and less on the word-purge style I seem to utilize.


My biggest take away this term is REVISE, REVISE, REVISE. Something I should have learned a long time ago.