Each day in my Digital Humanities class I have been blogging about information being given on the Internet. Whether the information has been professionally put together, like through Manifestos, or more informally written like Twitter Tweets, it has all been relevant to my goals. I have always though of myself as a good creative writer, but never a good structural writer. I wish to improve on my online writing skills because I discovered that I have a lot to improve on when it comes to blogging.

I will admit that some of my blog posts had very little thought put into them, however that was not the case with most of them. Unfortunately, no matter how much thought I put into my blog posts they never seem to come out how I want them to. I have yet to fully improve on explaining my ideas on a subject. I would like to practice writing out my thoughts before hand, then making sure I get my point across before posting something.

I also discovered that I have troubles with discovering good sources. When I look for a Blog topic I never quite find that golden story or picture. In order to be a successful blogger, or writer of any sort, there needs to be a good supporting subject. I’m sure that if I found a more interesting story, or picture, my blogs would have been much more interesting, and easier to write. This also affects my essay writing skills. I have never been good at finding reliable, useful sources, in order to back up what I am trying to say.

I recently looked through all of my blog posts and discovered one that I truly put all my thought and effort into, and tried the hardest on. It was my very first blog post. With a sort of irony, my most thought went into my first and last post for Digital Humanities class. When it all comes down to it, I work my hardest when I need to write about myself. I know more about myself than any other topic, making writing about me the easiest thing to write about.

In conclusion, I need to improve on some very important parts of writing. Without putting more thought into what I write, I will never have clear thoughts on paper. Once I start putting more thought into my writings, I need to learn how to explain exactly what I mean. After I have mastered these techniques, next will be finding more scholarly sources, and searching farther than the first thing I see on a Google search. I have tons to improve on when it comes to my writing, but I have learned plenty of new skills that I can improve on.