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Reflection of a reflection of a post—it’s like a double-rainbow of my life as a blogger.

Many of my posts this semester have been rather lackluster. As I noted in my post “Unfucking My Habitat” I’ve been in a really bad funk this semester, and it hasn’t been easy doing the simplest of tasks—from housekeeping to homework—everything was tough for me, and I pretty well just did the bare minimum to get by. This definitely shows in not only my most recent posts, but all of them. Things that have most definitely changed for me as a writer, is that I feel like I’ve found a blogging “style” if you will. I feel like when I blog, I am writing to someone—even if I only have one or two followers, its one or two people for me to write directly to, and that in itself gives me motivation and some semblance of direction. I find that I also rely (probably a bit too heavily) on images/external information to “speak” for me—I’ll post a blurb or a snippet of information, and let people see for themselves what this thing I’m speaking of is. I shouldn’t rely so much on the information, but rather give my own opinions and interpretations of things. Two posts that I could and should have said a lot more on topic we’re “Historically Hardcore” and “Banned Books”.  “Historically Hardcore” showcases a student project in which a young woman made fake Smithsonian posters, comparing current day “bad asses” to historically “bad ass” figures. While they’re very cool and I love the project, There are a few nitpicky facts that the creator didn’t get quite right (and could have easily checked). Also, these posters went near-viral when the Smithsonian requested that she remove their name from the project, because people were mistaking them for real Smithsonian advertising posters. “Banned Books” should simply have been so much more. I am historically a lover of banned and censored books, as I feel that many writers are. Why didn’t I mention The Perks of Being a Wallflower, which has recently been adapted to film, and stars Emma Watson, the actress who played Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter series—in fact, why didn’t I talk about Harry Potter, my first experience with a banned book, and I didn’t even know if was banned at the time!


Going through my posts, I ask myself “Why didn’t I…” and I have no real, logical, or coherent answer. For the most part,  at the time it just didn’t occur to me. Clearly, I need to rely more on the drafting process, and less on the word-purge style I seem to utilize.


My biggest take away this term is REVISE, REVISE, REVISE. Something I should have learned a long time ago.


My last post was about the tumblr page UFYH, Unfuck Your Habitat. I have spent most of this semester in a real funk, and my living space reflects that. AKA It was a total mess. From Friday mid-afternoon for the next 48 hours until today mid-afternoon  with MASSIVE help from my mother, we cleaned my entire apartment top to bottom, bought and built Ikea furniture (hooray! new sewing table!) and generally got my place into the state it should have been in y’know, 3.5 months ago when I moved in.

Thus, I’m writing my own reflection on my last post.

The premise is make it livable, and lived in, without being chaotic and cluttered. Yes, I have two couches in my livingroom, we vacuumed twice (I have really fluffy cats) and I still have 5 boxes of yarn and other crafting stuff attached to my wall. It’s me. It’s my house. and It’s not embarrassing anymore.

I just wish I had taken the embarrassing before pictures so I could post that-much-more-awesome after’s to the feed.

Tumblr made me clean my house this weekend.  shoving the link at you again, because I love  this page that much. Unfuck Your Habitat.

Hey guys, sorry I didn’t post this on friday–I’ll be explaining what black hole I got sucked into for the last 48 hours in my next post.

So, heres my presentation:

Okay, I learned a ton about poetry. I don’t quite have the “why” of it all figured out yet, but I’ve at least got the what here down. The presentation explains it. Listening is more fun than reading. Go listen.

As far as the interdisciplinary bit of this all goes–I think the best thing for music, writers, and the creators of 4B4V would be to allow the users of the app to upload a document, and using the dictionary inflections of multi-syllabic words determine if the selected options worked based upon given patterns. Is it a stretch–yes. Is it over-the-top. I don’t think so.

Yes. This is a thing. And it’s a crazy helpful thing, shockingly. I am not a good housekeeper–or rather, I’m just a lazy housekeeper and I need some extra motivation. IN COME’S UFYH. It’s awesome. It shows me my house is not the worst it could be (and sometimes scares me.) and reminds me to do things in small chunks.

I might need to submit my living room to it. Once I get around to actually joining tumblr.

check it out!

This article was about Twitter in educational settings and as a educational tool. While many good points were raised–such as the ability to give prompt feedback, ease of discourse between students and between students and faculty members, and active learning–I have to wonder if this is really just further complicating things for students.

As a predominantly distance student, some days I love the way my education is going, but a lot of the time i’m overwhelmed with the management sites and check in points and twelve billion emails it somehow requires to get done a shockingly small amount of work. I don’t see the need for blogs and twitter and facebook and and and in addition to a website like D2L or Blackboard for trying to manage an online class. It gets overwhelming–and thus a hindrance to education. Everything in moderation, and that seems to be something my generation has forgotten when it comes to online access.

So, I work in the archive. and we use a lot of social media. We have an online clock in system (standard for the university), an online patron-tallying system (that we rarely remember to use), the facebook pages for both the archive and the building, and iirc my boss Heather also keeps a blog of fun stuff we find.

This past week, we started a pumpkin decorating contest (within the building) and are using social media not only to promote the voting for it, but the voting itself is online.

My entry has ended up on about 6 pages so far, and it’s shocking to me how quick it spread.

Social networking makes things seem “fun”–and even the library is a)proving that and b)benefitting from it.

So, I, like the posters before me, really don’t get Twitter. After reading the Pointless Babble article I kind of get it, but not the way I thought most people used it. The idea of tracking it to find the hot topics at a conference sounds really cool to me–but seeing as most people don’t use it that way…what’s the point? I don’t really get the whole facebook and twitter and and and twelve million different places to post all the same information that most people seem to use social networking for. I tend to use FB to promote stuff, and I have completely forgotten about my G+ account…and I had twitter for a while to use the direct messaging feature between my canadian friends on our phones so we didnt have to pay for texting. And then I got an international plan. So really…I just use facebook and I don’t understand the rest of it.

So I guess, my bigger reaction to this is “Why do we all have thirty million different accounts for social networking that we all post the same back-tracks to our lives on?”