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Although this class has taught me a lot about blogging my career in public writing did not begin here. The first time I ever blogged was in Matt Livesey’s class freshman year. We had a choice of where we wanted to blog and what we wanted to blog, he was happy as long as we posted one paragraph each week and commented on a few others as well. I think that this type of freedom definitely allowed us ease into the world of public writing and flourish on our own time. Here is a link to my Blogger account where you can find multiple blogs I posted all throughout my first semester in addition to one in particular about a soda company commercial. ( I think this post is a good example in general because of how I wrote it. I stated that “Since the commercials first started airing at the beginning of October the perception ratings of Dr. Pepper have decreased detrimentally and not just from women although their ratings went from 32.9 to 18.4 (which if you didn’t notice is almost a 50% decrease.)” Although, I did do research on the subject and posted a fairly good analysis I think that it is lacking professionalism and content that would make it much more interesting to readers who may be concerned with that kind of stuff rather than just some students in my class. I believe that I simply added too much sarcasm, for example asking, “Did Dr. Pepper have a death wish here?” I relate this blogging to this class because I think it helped me develop from semi-serious writer to the more professional writer I have become this semester. In the few months that I have started blogging on wordpress I think that my content and professionalism has increased a lot. I also think the subjects that I talked about definitely improved as well.

For example, in this Post ( I talked about the effects that social media had on the election. I found articles relating to my post and discussed important topics that matter to people. Such as “I’m pretty surprised that twitter didn’t crash with the overload of opinions, thoughts, and ideas all coming in at around 65,000 tweets per minute.” Although, it doesn’t seem like this would be that important to some people I think that to people who are involved with social media and care about its effects on events would find this really interesting and important. I also think that I kept my post more interesting and professional than the other example that I provided. It is definitely one of my favorite posts from this semester just because it means so much to the world, in relation to the elections. One of the most important quotes is this “If there is something to know or something to see all it takes is a simple click or a share or a retweet for anyone to be caught up and see what is going on. Social media now has such an impact that it can either make or break the way people are perceived not just by people on the internet but by people who dont use it too.” This is important and factual and I think it demonstrates how much the internet effects everything. I wrote this post on the 12th, which was less than a week after the elections with an awe-inspired mind because of the article I found. I cant even explain how it was written because I think I did it so fast I hardly recognized what I was writing. The subject matter of the post was just so interesting to me that I wrote down my findings and my opinion into one content crammed interesting post. The article I read stated that this election was the most tweeted, blogged, and posted about election that has ever existed. I found this intensely interesting because I’m pretty much interested in anything that is remotely web related. Re-reading this article I think I’m actually pretty surprised at just how excited I was about this new idea that the web can decide how an election goes. This is such a new concept that I’m pretty sure everyone had to step back and realize how far the internet has come and where it may be going in the future. I really liked how I commented on the fact that President Obama had a better chance of winning because of his involvement on the internet. By doing this I think he connected with people my age and allowed us to see what he was all about. Its funny to me how social media pretty much relates to anything these days and can be used for almost any purpose as well. I learned these lessons in this class this semester and will continue to learn these things, I’m sure, as time goes on and I further my education. I think that this important distinction between my professionalism and subject matter was definitely influenced by this class and what we have learned. If not for this class my content may have continued being about nothing instead of blogging about interesting world events that make a difference.

I think the thing that surprised me most about this semester was how much I learned about blogging. Blogs don’t just have to be personal diaries for people who have nothing else better to do. They can, in fact, be very useful and full of interesting content that can help enlighten people about new world events or just provide an insightful thought about the subject. I surprised myself by coming up with interesting blog subjects that weren’t about me personally but about other worldy topics that were still interesting and fun to write about. Honestly, in the beginning of the semester I was worried that blogging would be boring because we had to stick to a certain criteria and blog about what the professor told us to blog about. However, I was pleasantly surprised that I had fun blogging and commenting on others work even without it being my own personal diary that I wrote about. I had a lot of fun this semester writing for this class and seeing what everyone else wrote and I hope that we can continue blogging and having fun while doing it but also posting interesting subject material that can be viewed by everyone and liked by everyone too.



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What I learned in boating school is…. What I learned in boating school isss… just kidding. Actually, this week while listening to all of the presentations and checking out all of the databases I learned a lot. I learned that a lot of the databases out there really aren’t put together that well. I learned that it takes a lot more than just really good information in order to put together a good Digital Humanities project. It also takes a lot of research in order to determine what makes a good website and then how to make it afterwards. I also learned what makes a project appealing or unappealing and what specific aspects must be incorporated into projects before they can be considered good. I think that learning all of these lessons is important especially considering the field of study we are going in to. Based on what we have been learning so far I think its obvious that we will be working with and around websites and I think that we need to know this type of information in order to succeed at our future jobs and continue to make other good websites that people can learn from and produce other good websites from. What an endless cycle.

I found an article that discusses how the internet is used and how computers and people who are using them create knowledge that can be used by others. The article writes about how mostly people have been using the world wide web in order to store and access mass amounts of data, data that is mostly media related. Obviously YouTube is included in this and just imagine all of the pictures, memes, gifs, and other things that populate and rule the internet for the mass majority of us. Although it doesn’t really seem like all of this media could be used for knowledge purposes i think that it is certainly the case with this generation. Think of all the pictures you see with the words on them or the videos, I mean really, does anyone remember Kony 2012? This media that we create and share and utilize is one of the largest ways i think that information is distributed all over the world. Its interesting really how much this stuff is used without our conscience knowledge.

According to the ABC News Website which produced an article about the 2012 election and the effects social media had on it; this was the most internet popular election there has ever been before. I think we need to step back and appreciate the fact that the internet has created such an effect on the way that this country is electing its officials and advertising their motives to everyone. The fact that over 20 million tweets were posted about the elections is mind boggling. I’m pretty surprised that twitter didn’t crash with the overload of opinions, thoughts, and ideas all coming in at around 65,000 tweets per minute. PER MINUTE. Yeah. Thats crazy. I’m sad to say that i didn’t get to really watch the live happenings of election night but I can just imagine the chaos that 65,000 tweets was doing to the internet. I believe that a large reason for Obama re-winning office this year was because of his huge involvement on popular websites like facebook, twitter, and reddit. I must say that his participation on some of these sites probably swung a lot of people over to his side because this stuff, this technology is what we know and how we communicate and express ourselves probably 75% of the time. The fact that President Obama come into our realm definitely secured a lot of votes for him, i would think. Social media definitely blows up the internet world and contributes to a lot of the way our data and information is tossed around. If there is something to know or something to see all it takes is a simple click or a share or a retweet for anyone to be caught up and see what is going on. Social media now has such an impact that it can either make or break the way people are perceived not just by people on the internet but by people who dont use it too. I think social media really contributed to how this election ran and who voted for who simply because of how a facebook page was managed or the kind of tweets that were created.

I found this image online and thought that it was really interesting. Originally I searched for all of the social media networks because i was just genuinely interested in how many sites there are actually out there now, and there are so many! However, i think this image is especially helpful for any business that maybe wants to learn where to start with their business marketing and maybe they can find this and go from there. It could be helpful or maybe just more confusing but it does kind of make me feel bad for businesses that are trying to get out there and have to deal with all of this crazy social networking stuff.

I chose the article “Trick or Tweet: How usable is Twitter for first time users?” I thought this would be a really interesting article to read because I, among others, am really bad at using Twitter and have never really gotten into using the website. I was interested in how other people handled the new networking interface and how usable it was for them. It was really nice to find out that I’m not the only one that doesn’t know how to operate this new complicated system. The study asked 13 people to go on the website and create an account, change their profile, post a tweet, reply to someones tweet, and delete their account. Everything mostly went well except for the tweeting and replying to tweets part, which I must say is the most confusing part for me too. People made an account fine, and deleted it with ease. However, the problems occurred when people tried to actually use the most important feature of the website: Tweeting. I’ve got to agree that this is the most confusing feature to use on the website but thats probably just because its so much different than any other social networking site we have ever seen. I mean really, Facebook and Myspace and really alike. The private messages, the status posting and the profile viewing. This new Twitter site is something completely different than what we have encountered before. I think that if people didn’t jump on the bandwagon right when the site opened in 2006 than i think the site now is a lost cause. People who are used to it, know it, and dont have a problem with it probably started using it a long time ago. It’s us people who are finally realizing the potential of Twitter that cant understand how to use it now. It kind of makes me feel old and out of touch with technology, which is definitely a new thing for me. So maybe i’ll stick with Twitter and finally figure out how to use it efficiently without feeling like a complete idiot but i feel like Twitter was designed to keep us out of the loop.

I thought this was kind of funny and also very relatable, not only to our class but also to the new world with technology blooming all around it. I feel like a lot of people still go on the internet and post stupid pictures of cats, and them doing equally as stupid things themselves. However, i think a vast new majority of people go on the internet to express opinions and show themselves off as smart, instead of stupid. A lot now a days people go on twitter, and wordpress, and facebook to explain their views and comment on important things that we all think should matter in this fast paced world. I believe that we seriously have to ask ourselves what we’re posting and why it is important to do so. Whether we are just stating an opinion or commenting on some recent tragic event, or just complaining because we have a lot of homework to do or because the rain ruined our hair. Boys, I’m talking to you too. Not only do we have to worry about our peers judging and critiquing us on our opinions and facts but we also have to look intelligent to potential employers. The internet world has moved from being solely ruled by felines and may be moving in a more professional and organized state. Which, depending on who you ask, may be for the better or worse. So girls, take those duck faces off your profile pictures and stop taking so many shots.. no literally stop taking so many shots. Or at least dont put them on facebook(; And boys, no one wants to see your car. Not even your potential employer.