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Facebook Stories

Facebook wants to know if you voted and you can watch people pressing the button on their Newsfeed page in real time.


I think it also applies to Twitter.

No Homo?.

I found a link to this site whilst tumbling on Tumblr and found it extremely interesting. documents Tweets that carry some of the most common, offensive, homophobic  language. Here, you can select to view different tallies organized by “Today,” “Last Week,” and “All Time” (pictured above). The Tweets that use the listed terms (“Faggot,” “So Gay,” “No Homo,” “Dyke”) also filter in right below the visual graphs in real time.

The point of this site is to point out all Tweets that use this homophobic language, even if it’s not directly uses to “mock” homosexuals. I know that language like this has been common and are horrifically in trend, but I was still shocked to see that “Faggot” is literally used in at least one tweet per second!

Now, keep in mind that this is ONLY Twitter and that the number would be incredibly higher if it took other social media sites into account.

If so many people feel that creativity is so crucial, why don’t we use it more often? Why don’t we [Society] live up to our creative potential? Is society changing to be more or less creative? Is there a limit to how creative we can be? What would happen if 100% of people felt they were living up to their creative potential instead of on 25%? Would that be a good or bad thin? (from my other WordPress)

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via If Creativity is so Important, Why Don’t We Use it?.

I found this to be a great infographic released from the Obama campaign in response to Romney’s leaked, secret video where he gaffes about 47% of the United states.