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Over the course of this semester, my classmates and I have been posting on this blog, referring to the assignments given in our Critical Approach to Digital Humanities hybrid class. This was not my first time blogging for a class, but I still had/have much to learn about it. For my open posts I mainly chose memes, websites, and news articles that related to my knowledge of the Digital Humanities. My most important goal is to make a definition of what I think DH is, and this class has helped me get closer to reaching my goal by forcing to do my own research, but the blog helped me see what my classmates were discovering and I found that to be very helpful. Using the blog for class assignments was also helpful in improving my public writing and developing my voice.

A few of my beginning post were not very detailed and it resulted in comments that had questions asking me to further explain what my post is about. After “practicing” posting and reading other’s post, it became easier for me to see what type of information was necessary to have a blog post that was brief but still very clear about the reasoning and idea of the over all post. This open post from the beginning of the class is an example of somewhere that I really could have gotten into depth. Instead I just assumed that my audience would know where the image came from, what my thoughts were on it, and how it relates to DH. The image was simply from a Google search and I was drawn to it because I saw it as a visual definition what I think to be Digital Humanities. The photo is representing a classroom and the volume symbol is showing that it is virtual. I could have expanded even further by relating it our hybrid class that is participating on this very blog. Those that go to class and those who are online students never meet, but on the blog, it feels to me at least, that we are all the same. For example, I am just as likely to comment on an online students post, as I am to comment on someone’s post that I see in class. When learning is cybernetic, everyone is essentially equal and this reminds me of the open and sharing attitude of the Digital Humanities. Later on I started to find things that reminded me of DH and that also related to my life, like this post with a “Y U NO?” meme. It may not be my prettiest post, but when you read it, you know exactly why I chose that meme. In this post, I made myself vulnerable and shared tweets from my personal feed and account to help demonstrate what I was talking about. In both my open posts and directed post, I slowly built up my voice and also raked through my interests that relate to the Digital Humanities.

When scrolling through my blog posts, there really isn’t much sense of a theme besides the common subject of the Digital Humanities.  I am really still in the beginning staging of understanding the field, but I know that it is right for me because I find almost every part of it fascinating. The multitude of opportunities it has the potential of presenting me, gives me security for the future that I am comfortable with. What interest me the most are the projects that we recently studied; they are what I find to be the most important part of DH. I see social media being a part of DH as well, but I think that it kind of fits into the category because of the big data that it creates. DH has much more potential than just counting the amount of pictures on Facebook and weeding through all of the tweets about an event. Sure these are important aspects of DH and they help us learn about us as a society, but I feel that it almost “cheapens” if you will, the definition of Digital Humanities and it has not yet been set in stone. I see the networking to be an outlet for discoveries. Websites and blogs like ours that are collecting history and information is what drives the success of the field. Being an admin to this blog helped me work on my public writing, but it also helps clear my personal pathway to the definition of Digital Humanities.


<div style=”margin-bottom:5px”> <strong> <a href=”; title=”DH Metaphor Project Presentation” target=”_blank”>DH Metaphor Project Presentation</a> </strong> from <strong><a href=”; target=”_blank”>kaylablack</a></strong> </div>

I really enjoyed the project that I chose, “The Mind is a Metaphor.” The navigation of the site was very easy for me to learn in a short amount of time. I wish I would have been able to get the Prezi site to work for me because I think I would have been able to  represent how the site works much clearer. There were a number of flaws to the site, but the project its self was a very interesting concept. The blog like format of the site makes sense for that specific project because of the way it is being put together. Brad Pasanek, the brains behind the operation, is working on the project by adding material to the site in a very miscellaneous fashion. The archives can be sorted through by a process of elimination style of  advanced search and this is what I enjoyed most about the project I chose to analyze, aside for the metaphors them selves.

Some of the other projects that were presented in class I also found to be very interesting. Lauren Brooker’s choice of project that was a 911 digital archive was relateble to the entire class because it is a time in history that we were all around to witness. It does not make sense to me why the project has stopped adding material but it is still encouraged to send it in. I think having a digital archive, of that tragic time in our countries history, that is accessible to everyone is a great representation of Digital Humanities. I do not remember Laurens full definition that she gave DH, (somthing along the lines of shared information an learning from it?) but I found it to be very fitting and broad enough to fit almost everything the Digital Humanities has to offer!

Screen shot 2012-11-30 at 9.23.29 AM

Oprah Winfrey, or who ever she has hired to tweet for her, has made a slight error..

“Oprah plugs Surface tablet — from her iPad”

The “Surface” is Microsoft’s new tablet that Oprah has added to her “Favorite Things” list for this 2012 holiday season. She even compared the tablet to a Mercedes! When the extra step was taken of spreading her love of the product to onto twitter,  who ever posted the tweet about the tablet, did so from their iPad.

The end of the article does describe how bloggers are noting that twitter is still in the process of creating an app for users of Windows 8 (the operating system the tablet uses) but the internet is always a critiquing setting.

Memes are created so quickly, literally seconds after any type of event someones on it.


The Politics of Twitter:

This article explains that only 22% of twitter users define themselves as Republican and 40% as Democratic. Although the predicted winner was Obama and that came true, twitter is not always right. Also, there are more Democrats that have twitter accounts but there were more “I hate Obama” tweets than there were “I hate Romney” tweets.

Considering election day is on Tuesday, I find this to be a fun little exercise. Take a quiz with only a few questions and rate the importance to you of selected issues. Based on your answers, it will calculate your percentage, and its fun to watch! Click for the Candidate Match Game

Okay I know that this is just a lame meme that I found on a Google search but it gave me a flash back to my summer. I was doing an internship for a very small business and she hired me to help her with the odds an ends of the daily work but I also spent time builder her social networks and gaining the name more follower on twitter and likes on Facebook. I had a list of potential clients that she had sent mailings out to a I was going and seeing if they had either network and if they did I would either follow or like them, trying them to recognize the name and then eventually follow me back. The types of businesses I was looking up were things like specialty gift shops, magazines, and winery with gift shops. I would get so frustrated when I could not find a site for someone or I would find their Facebook but no twitter. I also was frustrated when I found the Facebook and they did not have their twitter @name in their profile, if there was an account, I had to take the extra step to look it up instead of easily clicking a provided link. Anyways, that is why this meme was interesting to me!