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As many have said before me, the semester is coming to an abrupt end.  This is the time of the year that the Christmas music is playing in every department store and the colors of red and green side the streets. This also means, finals. As finals quickly approach, so does reflecting on my past four months in English 335 and telling about everything that I learned for the good as well as the bad. Throughout the past four months I have been blogging every Friday about current events that the class would talk about with one another as well as something relevant that was from my own personal thoughts. As all of this seems like fun and games, it was really helping me keep involved with new things going on around the world everyday by reading something I wouldn’t normally read.

When it comes to blogging, I wasn’t a big fan going into the whole idea. When I took ENGL 121 my first freshman semester we did a lot of blogging and when we were told that we would be doing it for 335 as well I was not to thrilled. However, this class took blogging a different direction and we were given more direction from the professor. Blogging has changed my writing in more ways than I realized. When it comes to my writing before blogging, I would write in very detailed ways. I wrote in such ways that would bore a blog reader and make them probably not want to read again. As I read other students work I knew where to take my writing styles from. I wrote my first blog post for this class about blogging! Surprise I know! I realize now that I wrote way more than I had to and what I wrote did not have much strength to it. Now when I look at my blogs I realize that I have more body to what I’m saying. For example one of my first posts was written like this, “I did however find it quite difficult to write a blog once a week because I’m not the kind of person who likes to tell people about my life and experiences.” 09/12/12. That post makes me sound very rude and to outside viewers who don’t know me, may think that I am stuck up and stuck on myself. Which is not how I am. As for improvements one of my latest posts looked like this, “This past week I was able to learn the differences between a good and bad webpage!” 11/29/12. I found out that as the semester went on I kept my sentences more choppy and shorty keeping a blog reader more interested.

            Currently I am in ENGL 125 and for our final paper we need to pick any topic we wish and, well, write about it. My topic is, “Is texting hurting younger generation’s grammar?” Why I mention this is because I feel like what I have done in ENGL 335 has helped guide me to this question. Question number five asks about how writing this semester has affected life beyond school and I think that with having 10 people blog each Friday about something going on in the world has opened my mind to what really is going on. For example, there was an article that I read that talked about only 8% of people use Twitter in the world, when here I thought it was only I who didn’t use it! When it comes to writing with this class and the outside world, I text and use Facebook. This class shows me that I keep my texting and Facebooking posts crisp and to a point. I don’t venture off onto something that doesn’t need to be talked about. I understand that Facebook is much different than writing a paper, but I feel like this class has helped me understand writing.

            Feedback: the negative stuff no one likes to hear! One way that another student’s feedback has helped me is on October 21st I posted that Mean Girls politics meme. It was said that I need to give credit to the person I got it from and I realized after I read that I should have and that from now I should quote where it is from. I mean, I know this however I realize that I should for everything that I post so I don’t get in trouble in the long run. My classmates all did a great job posting throughout this class, and I am happy to say that I was taught so much from reading everything I read. 



I really enjoyed the website that I chose! What I liked about my presentation was that I talked about how the site is free although the creators could charge for all the information that is on the site. Many history sites today as well as newspapers charge their readers to see their information, for example the New York Times only lets you go so many years back before it charges you. The other thing that I think I did a good job with was explaining that the site is good information for all ages. Simple enough for high scholars, yet informational enough for graduate students. The only thing I didn’t like was how fast I talked, but I had so much to tell that I felt was important enough.
The thing that I enjoyed about other student’s presentations was that they talked about the big data, which I totally forgot about. Also I liked how some projects mentioned Unsworth, which I also forgot about. I would have to say that my favorite website would have to be For Better For Verse. I thought the website seemed fun as well as informational. The site does seem quite difficult, however it can help for someone who is into poems! I totally see the digital humanities within this site and I think that it is awesome that something like this, can be put on the internet to help people who need it.


This past week I was able to learn the differences between a good and bad webpage! Although there are sublet differences, I found out that there are things that are good and bad. The bad sites show no color and a lot of words rather than photos. The bad also give too much information all at once. The good side however shows the exact opposite and keeps the reader interested by showing photos and color. All in all, I am happy that I was able to find out what people do and don’t like on a webpage!

With this being the first election that I was able to vote it, I was very excited to actually watch the debates and pay attention to everything that was going on. The graph that I attached to this post shows how teens were the biggest percentage of social media and keeping up through Twitter and Facebook. For example, when it comes to who was most likely to post thought’s on issues it was Teens, however when it comes to encourages others to vote, the teens did not capture a 1st place spot. With myself voting and being a teen, I admit that I did post about the election as well as like the Facebook page of my chosen candidate. Image

CNN Takes the Win for 4th Year in a Row!

Social media was most certainly the key to how people kept up with the election of 2012. When it comes to what TV station was most tuned into, CNN takes the cake over competitors like, FOX and NBC. In the article that talks about the news stations it shows that CNN covered pretty much everything from, “polls closing to concession and victory speech coverage” better than it’s competition. Through not only the TV aspect, but also online, CNN won it’s 4-year in a row online award, with 203 million page views and over 23 million being different viewers. When it comes to on election day, CNN won yet again, even though FOX and NBC came to a close second. It was mentioned that ABC was surprisingly not in the #1 spot because of Diane Sawyer’s “strange performance.” Social media, has become such a big aspect in the election of 2012 and it is only predicted to keep going upward! People updates statuses on Facebook and re-tweet on Twitter faster than you can blink an eye. I will not lie, I watched ABC during the election because I loved the visual’s, and how everything was shown in colors! When it comes to social media and the election, the only place it is going, is up.

I read the article “8%of online Americans use Twitter”. As I was reading this article by, Aaron Smith and Lee Rainie I was so surprised to hear that in 2008 the question was asked to American’s who use the Internet, “Do you use the Internet to use Twitter…” and only a mere 6% of American’s said “yes” they do. Well then two years later the same question was asked to American’s who use the Internet and the reply was 24% of people who said “yes”. That difference was pointed out that the fact that Twitter is used for not only tweets nowadays, but for things such as the news, elections, and entertainment rather that tweeting about going to McDonald’s. Then again in 2010 the question was asked just to online using adults about Twitter and the percent was only a mere 8% that said yes to using Twitter with only 2% saying daily. There were tables shown that the authors came up with saying that only 10% of women use Twitter and that Hispanic’s were in the highest percent of using Twitter in America at 18% where whites were at only 5% and when it came to where Twitter users lived the urban area took the cake with 11% compared to 5%. However, when these questions were asked to young adults (18-29) the percentages were much higher and young people were more likely to Tweet while well educated white women were up there as well. As I read further into the article, I found out that if one does have Twitter, they are using/checking it up 10 times a day, and that was 25% of people.

As we are in the elections currently, most Tweets are being tweeted about the elections and who people will vote for, but in 2010 72% of users admitted to only Tweet about their daily lives rather than the news. While I understand this paper was written in 2010, I believe that the article would have differed if it would have be written now during the elections and we would see that people would tweet more about the elections rather than themselves. All in all, I was able to find out that not everyone is using Twitter like I came to believe. I was able to read that I am not 1% of people who doesn’t really use it, but that there are only 8% of people who do.

So I found this photo perfect for what we were talking about Facebook and Twitter, and this picture shows how they go hand in hand, however people still like to say they are a little bit different. Image