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I received this email from Lady Gaga’s mom today. Seriously. Well, it’s because I’m on the Born This Way Foundation email list…

Anyway, we didn’t spend much time this semester discussing Maps and Spatial Visualizations or Geographical Information Systems (GIS), although I know several of your project evals featured sites with maps. Here’s one that you can contribute to with the intent of “highlighting places that inspire and encourage bravery and kindness.”


There are several more to click and zoom through when you search “Election 2012” on Prezi.

Watch the following report from the Wall Street Journal which discusses the explosion on Twitter last night and which hashtags were the best to use to find/search for info.

See this news article for proof that Barack Obama’s tweet broke Justin Bieber’s record for most RTs.

And to close:

Given your Friday posts and the comments I’ve already seen tonight, I do plan on spending tomorrow’s class discussing the readings and taking your questions about Twitter. Til then, here’s a handy infographic, although I also think this 2009 Time Magazine cover story does a great job at offering an overview.

Came across this infographic about Gangnam Style on Mashable and thought I would share:

Crazy stats, right? [BTW if you’re looking to read more about Gangnam, check out THIS well-written piece about “the power and privilege in a country where a single district has long dominated in almost every arena.”]

Anyway, the number I was least impressed with is 100,000,000 views on YouTube. Turns out the infographic was posted September 4, and now the number of views listed on the official video site is 531,984,265.

SPEED, REACH, and INTERACTIVITY are all traits of new and social media literacy –> going viral.

Perhaps if my Brazilian boy Michel Telo had a sillier dance or at least 1 phrase of English in his hit “Ai Se Eu Te Pego,” which has 448,139,574 views, we’d be discussing that? Go take a listen and bump it up a few more views?  🙂 Also, see here for my original post about it way back in March.

I was revisiting a 2011 program from the Oxford Internet Institute’s symposium on “A Decade in Internet Time” (I’ll explain why next week) and was reminded of their page on Visualizing Data.

Lots of great images there related to Wikipedia edits and Twitter networks, but given we are approaching Halloween and one of our own, Russell, is organizing the Menomonie Zombie Crawl, I figured this one might be a fun one to share. Here’s its description: “Using a keyword search for ‘zombies,’ the following map visualizes the absolute concentrations of references within the Google Maps database”:

Perhaps more relevant to our course is the OII’s support page on Digital Humanities. I know I’m interested in viewing the webcast on “The Role of Digital Humanities in a Major Natural Disaster.” But that’s just me 🙂