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Blogging this semester has been a strange experience. Not only have I had to keep one for this class, but I’ve also had to keep one for my Intro to Tech Communications class. So going from never having blogged or anything before to trying to remember to keep two separate blogs has been strange to say the least. I have a terrible memory to start with, so this really didn’t help my case.

When I first started blogging, I’m not sure I completely got what blogging entailed. I started off blogging as more of a personal soap box than anything else. I didn’t do much with it aside from just talk about a single topic. Then again that may have been the nature of the topics that we started with. They were more focused on just describing something we had read or whatever. Even with our open post, I just kind of talked about whatever I wanted to with no regard for the audience that blogging opened me up to. In my later post I started taking more of the audience into account. I started talking about things that not only I cared about, but also what I thought others would want to talk about or at the very least interest them enough to read it at the time, even if they weren’t going to comment on my post about it. The first post I noticed this in would be my post about the supposed ‘Bacon Shortage’. I knew it was a topic that people may find funny and want to comment on. Most of my topics from that time forward had a fair amount of comments on them since I started talking about stuff I thought people would care about.

One post that surprised me with the amount of attention that it had gotten was my post of “Is Youtube Becoming Internet TV?”. The article I had read talked about Youtube securing deals with specific channels. The idea behind this was that these channels would post their content on a set schedule in the hopes that people would then come to Youtube at those times to view the content, almost like they would a standard television channel. The content would still be available afterwards, but they wanted to see if it was possible to get people to show up to Youtube at certain times to watch the content. This article fell into a special interest to me. I’m a big fan of podcasting and some internet television stations already. I’ve been viewing a lot of them since I was in high school. Most had started out as just guys talking about a subject that they were passionate about and going. I always like some of those shows because it was less about the station they were on or anything but their show and their field of interest. I wasn’t that surprised that it was one of my less commented on open post, but it was something I wanted to talk about.

Throughout the semester I have found myself subscribing more and more to not only sites and news sources talking about Digital Humanities things, but also things that just talk about technology in general. I always subscribed to a few just to read whenever I would have the time throughout the week, but thanks to the post in this class I made time to read the ones that interested me in order to make my post. While looking at these I found myself more intrigued by the technology post. I hadn’t realized how often they can fall into line with the Digital Humanities disciplines and how often I can make them fit into the blog post. I liked reading a lot more of all the human interest pieces. They tended to focus more on the Digital Humanities disciplines and how people were dealing with the technology or whatever the post happened to be talking about. So now I’ve subscribed and read a lot more about the disciplines, and I tell myself that it’s for class even when I’ve already made my post for the week. Things like Digital Humanities Now and CNN’s Technology RSS feeds have worked their way into my regular weekly readings now.


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What do you guys think? If you’re a gamer do you see any of this to be true?

Personally I don’t think it’s the end of console gaming. I definitely see a shift in the type of games becoming popular, but that’d be it. 

I agree that more games are being made for a shorter attention span audience. Not a bad thing, hell I play the games too. But games are being developed more to fill in spots of boredom rather than long gaming sessions.

But I know all my gamer friends till make time to sit down in front of their TVs to play longer games and the constant popping up of stores like Gamestop and gaming advertisements showing up in more public places shows that we aren’t the only ones.

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I find this really interesting to see how much effort they put into this. I mean obviously I know that effort is put into the campaigns for all the candidates, but all the things in the background being quantified and processed to try to figure out which method would work the best. It’s fascinating to think.

Jon Stewart vs Bill O’Reilly

Those who watched the presidential and vice-presidential debates watched a very structured debate between two men who are trying to garner more and more votes for themselves while trying to appear as professional as possible.

Many people don’t watch the debates because of this. Many find it boring, they’ve already made up their minds on who they are going to vote for, so it’s just two people arguing over something that many people have heard many times before.

So this showed up on my news feed a couple days after the last debate. In it is one of the most clever things I’ve seen in a long time. They pick two large personalities in politics. Two that have very strong followings and who have had history of long and heated discussions. And they have a very free-form debate. They aren’t trying to get you to vote for them, their only purpose is to debate the issues from the way they see it and act on the stereotypes they have garnered over the years. And cater to the jokes from and for the audience.

To me, this type of debate gained more information from those that would have found the regular debate less than interesting and may not have watched it.

Virtual Supermarket

Click that link above and watch the video.

What do you guys think? Is it a good idea? Is it terrible and pushing us further away from human contact?

Me? I love it. I think it’s amazing and I want to see more of it. Even if we aren’t quite ready for something like that yet I want to see it keep pushing forward so we can advance and make the next thing even better.

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So there’s all this talk about Youtube adding channels that cater to specific needs and this idea of Internet TV. The idea being a place on the internet you can watch shows that are released on a schedule, or on your liesure.

This reminds me of the podcasting networks I’ve come across. Things like TWiT or FrogPants Studios or Revision3. All of these places release shows on a set schedule and keep the channel going. Some even let you watch the episodes happen live, with the host in front of the cameras.

Mind you most of these podcast aren’t TV shows like you’d think. They tend to be talk shows and the like geared towards a specific audience.

So my question to you people is this. Do you think internet TV will ever take off with the popularity of regular TV? Aside from Netflix or HuluPlus do you see yourself watching the internet at a specific time for a specific show?

I love this whole thing about there being a bacon shortage. It spread so fast on the interest because if there is two things that the internet loves it’s cats and bacon. On Reddit there have been numerous memes just to refer to the bacon shortage. This one is probably my favorite.