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I’m reading through the final posts and looking for the one that mentions the uptick in use of social media during the elections. (I should have made a note when I read it.) The post mentioned something about how this election has claimed more attention through social media than any other election. That is true – some of that is purely a numbers game. The number of users of  all types of social media has increased dramatically since the last election, so it is reasonable to assume that the number of users following the election will be higher. The number of tweets on election day is just as much a product of the fact that more people use Twitter, as it is about election coverage. The increase in the percentages of social media users following this election compared to the past elections or events may be a more accurate comparison than just a user count. It’s a bit like comments that there are so many more car/deer crashes than in the past. That is true – but again – part of it is a numbers game. The deer population is higher than it has ever been AND there are more cars on the road, traveling more miles than ever before. Even the probability of hitting a deer goes up. So, we have to be sure we are comparing apples to apples when looking at the numbers.


What? The semester is closing? Woah woah woah.  My last post, huh? Weeeeird.

Well, it’s been real guys. I had done blogging before for other classes- but this has been, hands down, the most lively, resourceful, and amusing blog yet.  I think that’s what I enjoyed most about good ol’ ENGL 335 – DIGITAL HUMANITIES.  There is always plenty of conversation going on to spark interest, and new posts trickling in every couple hours. That’s what a blog should be at it’s best anyways, right? Cool.

I clicked my name on the side links to pull up all of what I had written this past semester, and couldn’t help but smirk and nod to myself. Niiiice. Look. At. that. I done wrote that all myself.

Speaking of bad grammar, everyone has been really good at not doing it. (Except for me just now.) Really guys, I’m pretty impressed. Everyone has been formulating some really good contributions and it has helped my writing and ways of thinking quite a bit. I can definitely say I feel more comfortable forming an educated opinion on things that to me seem irrelevant to an actual field of education.

Twitter, for example, has been to me, before this class, just another form of “hanging out” online and talking to friends. Yet, as we have discussed, it is so much more than that now, to the extent of people creating entire classes around it. It is a medium to communicate, a method of research, and an overall incredibly successful tool to share news and social changes happening in the world.  I took a look at my personal twitter feed, and around the time this class started I had about 45 tweets for the past 8 months. After this class I now have 109 semi-useful but always thoughtful tweets, and adding! Yay for Twitter!

After reviewing my posts on this blog, I’ve noticed a ‘digital v. printed’ theme happening. My posts initially started out oozing over how much better books were than digital resources (smells, feels, awesome overall “book-ness”). I’ve also drawn a lot of attention to coffee (sorry follks) And also coffee and printing… (BUT ITS JUST SO COOL!)

It absolutely made my day when I found something that I have liked for a long time on the internet, and then it magically relates to a the ‘friday post’ assignment. The little things guys, the little things.

That turned into other Internet memes of how people are getting wrapped up in the Kindle and not really reading physical books anymore. Turtle. 

I hope people continue to post for the fun of it, I’d really enjoy re-visiting every so often…

Well, it’s been a grand time down memory lane, but onward to these annotated bib’s! I wish you all the best and that you all get A’s in everything and have an awesome Christmas.

I received this email from Lady Gaga’s mom today. Seriously. Well, it’s because I’m on the Born This Way Foundation email list…

Anyway, we didn’t spend much time this semester discussing Maps and Spatial Visualizations or Geographical Information Systems (GIS), although I know several of your project evals featured sites with maps. Here’s one that you can contribute to with the intent of “highlighting places that inspire and encourage bravery and kindness.”

My last post was about the tumblr page UFYH, Unfuck Your Habitat. I have spent most of this semester in a real funk, and my living space reflects that. AKA It was a total mess. From Friday mid-afternoon for the next 48 hours until today mid-afternoon  with MASSIVE help from my mother, we cleaned my entire apartment top to bottom, bought and built Ikea furniture (hooray! new sewing table!) and generally got my place into the state it should have been in y’know, 3.5 months ago when I moved in.

Thus, I’m writing my own reflection on my last post.

The premise is make it livable, and lived in, without being chaotic and cluttered. Yes, I have two couches in my livingroom, we vacuumed twice (I have really fluffy cats) and I still have 5 boxes of yarn and other crafting stuff attached to my wall. It’s me. It’s my house. and It’s not embarrassing anymore.

I just wish I had taken the embarrassing before pictures so I could post that-much-more-awesome after’s to the feed.

Tumblr made me clean my house this weekend.  shoving the link at you again, because I love  this page that much. Unfuck Your Habitat.

If you haven’t heard of Google Ngram before, I think it’s worth checking out.

So Google has digitized over 5.2 million books and this Ngram viewer allows a user to punch in a phrase, word, couple of words, etc. to search how those words have been used throughout history. The best part about it is that it is a visual representation.

Creating a Web Project

Our course goals will soon lead to me creating my own digital humanities project. I was, and still actually am pretty nervous about it, but at least now I have an idea on how to go about it. If I would have just went for it i would have been totally lost, but now I have notes from other projects on the do’s and don’t of creating an interactive website.

Screen shot 2012-11-30 at 9.23.29 AM

Oprah Winfrey, or who ever she has hired to tweet for her, has made a slight error..

“Oprah plugs Surface tablet — from her iPad”

The “Surface” is Microsoft’s new tablet that Oprah has added to her “Favorite Things” list for this 2012 holiday season. She even compared the tablet to a Mercedes! When the extra step was taken of spreading her love of the product to onto twitter,  who ever posted the tweet about the tablet, did so from their iPad.

The end of the article does describe how bloggers are noting that twitter is still in the process of creating an app for users of Windows 8 (the operating system the tablet uses) but the internet is always a critiquing setting.